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Mindful Recovery

There has been so much written about mindfulness or living mindfully. In my practice, the majority of patients I have met fall into the category of Mind Full, or what I have come to call “Busy Brain”. They will say my “brain keeps me up at night” or “I can’t stop thinking, and I cannot imagine thinking nothing”. So, we talk about quieting the mind through meditation practice, breathing techniques and thought stopping techniques. 
This idea can conjure up images of a monk sitting under a tree as the Buddha did, or sitting cross-legged on the floor, very uncomfortable and perhaps chanting “OM”. They will say, “I can’t do that, or I will never be able to sit still that long or stop my mind from wandering.” Is meditation important for recovery from addiction and/or mental health issues? The simple answer is Yes! The purpose is to begin to manage your thoughts so that you can then worry less, reduce stress and consequently reduce cravings and negative thinking

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