What the clients are saying about their counseling experience, is extremely important, in order for me to continue to provide the best care possible. It is also important to report the kinds of successes that clients have had in their lives, the changes they have made, and how they have begun to feel happiness and freedom from active addiction and mental health issues.

The following testimonials were gathered in the last couple of months.

"A New Profound Meaningful Life"
"Since beginning my journey of a new profound meaningful life, nothing but great things seem to happen and flourish in my life. My life has this new beginning thanks to Creative Counseling and Frank Chovitz."

"Creative Counseling Has Done Everything"

"Creative Counseling: Frank has done everything I've ever dreamed in regards to helping me improve my life. This card forces me to realize that at times, I haven't put in the work."

"The Next Step Would Have Been Sure Death"
"If we hadn't found Creative Counseling and Frank, the next step would have been sure death. There is a God, and there is someone to pick you up when you fall."

"Able To Express All My Feelings Without Being Judged"
"I cannot express in words how wonderful Frank is. He has a calm caring demeanor. I am able to express all of my feelings without being judged. His approach is holistic, informative and effective. He is helping me to feel, and I am so grateful for that. He helps me to be optimistic and I always benefit from our sessions. He has little (5 minutes) to no wait time and he is very accommodating." Mary O'Brien

"The patience and kindness is wonderful.!"

"Provides Understanding and Guidance"

"For me, the hardest part with recovery was acceptance. Once I accepted that I could not do it alone, and I needed outside help, I began to heal. Frank has helped me understand addiction and recovery, and provides understanding and guidance without being judgmental or too clinical. His real life experiences prove to be valuable lessons and meeting with him has truly changed my life."

"My Life Is Better Than It Ever Was"
"Having Frank as my counselor has saved my life. Since coming to Creative Counseling, my life is better than it ever was. Being able to talk and have him listen to me and not make judgement on whether I am a bad person or not. I think if you need counseling, this is the place to come to. It will change your life forever." Tim T.

"Creative Counseling has provided me with the support, perspective, and tools for my sobriety"





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